Tax-Free Equity Rollovers: A Powerful Tool for M&A Transactions

In acquisition transactions, consideration is often composed of a combination of cash and equity from the buyer. Equity consideration is attractive for a number of reasons, including aligning the interests of both buyer and seller post-closing and giving the seller some tax deferral and the potential for additional upside as the business continues to succeed. […]

The Importance of Separating Community Benefits From Market Needs

The search for value often requires turning over a lot of stones and thinking creatively about structures and capital. In the search, an entrepreneur or investor often comes across an array of tax-exempt entities and considers whether they might be untapped potential resources. Whether it’s a new business idea that might fill a social need […]

Data: The New Currency In Carve-Out Transactions

In the current market conditions, carve-out transactions are becoming increasingly common as companies look to divest noncore businesses and assets in order to restructure and focus on their core operations. This is due to many factors, including the need to improve profitability, reduce debt and focus on innovation. In these transactions, a portion of a […]

Critical Importance of a Holistic Approach in the M&A of a Closely Held and Family Owned Business

Successful business succession planning for a closely held and family owned business requires a multidisciplinary approach, bringing together professionals in several areas, including financial/wealth advisory, accounting, trust and estate law and corporate law. National surveys over the past 15-plus years have shown that the two most popular succession events are a sale of the business […]

Debt Relief Assistance: A New Model for Employee Benefits

Debt relief assistance is an often-overlooked, relatively low-cost employee benefit available to any employer. A recent study found that employees were increasingly distracted from work due to debt stress, with 62% of respondents reporting that they would be more likely to stay with an employer that offered debt relief assistance. Employers seeking to include debt […]

Board Observers: Relevant Considerations and Potential Pitfalls

Authors: Josh Galante, Eric Porter, and Lori Smith Angel investors, venture capital and private equity funds often seek to secure some presence, formal or informal, within the board meetings of the corporations in which they invest. Such representation and participation in corporate governance provide potential benefits to both the investor and the portfolio corporation. The […]